Where do you find your merchandise?

Our buyers have spent over 30 years cultivating relationships with high quality vendors.


We often buy merchandise like:

- Catalog cancellations that could not be delivered by a specific date

- Overproductions

- Order cancellations

- Changes in garment specifications

- Goods from previous seasons

- Closeouts

Do you carry irregular merchandise?

The majority of our merchandise is first quality, not irregulars. The irregulars we carry are "clean" – meaning they have no rips, tears, holes, stains, or repairs.

How often do you receive new merchandise?

Every day! Even our staff doesn’t know what’s coming – it keeps things interesting!

Can I buy from OOPS! online?

We do not currently sell merchandise online. We like to keep it local. However, any of our five locations will gladly assist you in purchasing merchandise over the phone, and we’ll ship it directly to you.

What is your return policy?

We will gladly exchange for merchandise, give store credit, or refund credit and debit cards within 30 days of purchase when accompanied by receipt. 

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